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Looking for a strong kick? VELO x Freeze Ultra is an extremely strong snus of the brand VELO with fresh menthol flavor! Learn more here!


VELO x Freeze Ultra

VELO is best known for producing nicotine pouches and a variety of flavors. VELO x Freeze Ultra is a very strong variety of the brand with a fresh menthol flavor. If you are also looking for a strong cigarette-free kick, try VELO's products. We will show you how to buy VELO x Freeze Ultra without any problems and what else VELO has to offer.

VELO was manufactured by British American Tobacco and originally marketed under the names EPOK and LYFT. The company recently decided to produce only tobacco-free products or so-called nicotine pouches. As a result, EPOK and LYFT have been replaced by the global brand VELO.
VELO is available in different flavors with varying nicotine content. Both experienced snusers and beginners will find just the right product. Nicotine pouches are made of cellulose fibers that contain fillers, and nicotine is added in saline or liquid form. They are tobacco-free, but have the same effect as snus with tobacco.

VELO xFreeze Ultra nicotine pouches are the strongest with 15 mg/g. This can be recognized by markings on the tin. This product has a strength of 5 out of 6, making it suitable for skilled snusers who have experience with tobacco products. The pouch is white on the outside and inside and does not run during use. Menthol was chosen as the flavor to further emphasize the strength of the product. The fresh menthol flavor fits perfectly with the strength.

All features of the VELO x Freeze Ultra Nicotine Pouch at a glance:


  • Nicotine content: 15mg/g
  • Taste: Menthol
  • Bag per can: 18
  • Bag size: Normal


VELO x Freeze Ultra Snus Application
Nicotine pouches are consumed like any other snus product. It is already sold in small portions and can be used immediately. Take the pouch out of the tin and place it sideways under your upper lip. The effect starts already after a few seconds.

Advantages of nicotine pouches
Nicotine pouches, which are available in different strengths and allow you to gradually reduce the nicotine dose, are a great way to quit smoking. They also don't produce foul-smelling fumes that can be a nuisance to the environment. Tobacco-free products also have the added benefit of not yellowing your teeth or fingers. Packaged in a small pouch, you can take it with you anywhere. All White Snus is available in a variety of flavors, and new ones are added every year.


Our VELO Sortiment

VELO is available in a variety of flavors, so there's something for everyone. Popular mint varieties are VELO Freeze, Ice Cool, Mint and Polar Mint. If you prefer fruit flavored nicotine pouches, VELO is also for you. Tropic Breeze refreshes with tropical fruits, while Berry Frost contains raspberries, blackberries and blueberries.
The nicotine strength varies depending on the variety. Doses are labeled Easy (with 4 mg/g nicotine) to Max. Max products contain over 20 mg/g of nicotine.


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